About Us

The Villaging Company is the creator of V WORDS!, the BEST WORD GAME APP you will find!

Download our app to play word games, win cash prizes, learn of unique places to travel, encourages positive thinking and habits, be inspired by motivational quotes and chat with fellow players on how you see the world!

V WORDS is more than a game. Our goal is to build a community where constant sharing and learning will inspire personal growth (e.g., “I can do this”) and to promote a healthy state of mind (e.g., see more positives in life) by stimulating brain activity (e.g., solve word puzzles).

How? Each word puzzle was curated to inspire your imaginations and to bring you “ah ha” moments. The three word puzzles for each game are usually connected with a theme to create a holistic view for each answer. Post games, we encourage you to converse with fellow players in the Chat rooms on topics related to the daily answers. For example, San Francisco is one of the answers, and you can chat about things related to San Francisco, whether from personal experience or what you know from others. We want to build a community for people to share experiences, make friends, be inspired and to grow as a person. We hope the chat community will help unlock your “ah ha” moments so you can use that motivation to pursue things that matter most to you!

Our Mission: To inspire personal growth one cash game at a time!