April 4, 2019


We made a business decision to replace the cash prize reward with game points starting on April 5, 2019, 9:30 AM PST. The new update will be available for download by April 5, 2019, 6 AM PST and is required to continue use of the app. All winning withdrawals must be made before April 4, 2019 11:59 PM PST.


V WORDS! was created to be a place where learning is fun and positive energies are amplified. The game was designed for app engagement: no time limitations (take as long as you need) and no penalty for guessing wrong letters (anyone can finish the game). We also made it simple by using the same three word categories for each game, and the character length for these word puzzles are short compared to other word games.


After months of observations, we came to the conclusion that a cash game is not the right recipe for our vision, which is to “inspire personal growth one game at a time.” We want players to focus on the word puzzles’ content, so they can learn about unique places around the world and see them via Google Images in Forum; we also encourage them to share life experiences related to the daily answers in the Chat room so we can all learn from each other. We understand some players do not want to participate in these activities, but we hope at the minimum, they can still benefit and have fun just by playing the game; the word puzzles are curated with some correlation to incite thinking. We thought a cash prize reward was the right incentive to play the game, but instead, it became a significant distraction and to a certain extend, “toxic” from our perspective.


We are changing V WORDS! from a cash game to a purely play-for-fun game. We are aware of the ramification for this decision and will fully accept the consequences, including parting ways with some of our users.


With the new version update, everyone will start with zero game points. Until further notice, the 1st place player will get 200 points, 2nd place gets 150 points and 3rd place gets 125 points. The rest will get 100 points just for playing the game. Also, you will now be able to play prior games and will get 50 points for each game played.


We are rebranding as “Have Fun & Be INSPIRED!” and are looking forward to the next chapter for V WORDS!


The Villaging Company